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What is trading and how can it improve your life?


The word "trading" is of Anglo-Saxon origin. In English it means "to trade" or "to negotiate". It consists of buying and selling listed financial instruments - stocks, companies, currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies - using an online platform, with the intention of making an economic profit. Unlike an "investment", trading is more short term; months, weeks, days, hours and even minutes.

Basically, it consists of the constant trading of assets when they are at a feasible low cost to buy or/and at a higher price when it is more effective to sell them. In other words, the maximum rule of this type of trading is "buy low and sell high".

Trading operates on specialized online platforms, which act as intermediaries of operations or "brokers".


How can it improve your life?

First of all, it is important to know that trading is a world open to everyone, whether you are a lawyer, psychologist, carpenter, doctor, or chef. You can study and specialize in trading operations.

Trading allows you to lead an "ideal and dreamed" way of life for everyone, because it gives you the opportunity to be the absolute owner of your financial practice and income. Establishing your own work schedule, working from anywhere in the world and independence from corporate hierarchies, are part of the benefits offered by trading.

Therefore, with trading you can organize and plan your own financial strategies without the commitment of following the objectives that others choose.

In addition, with trading you have greater control of extraordinary expenses that lead to a normal employment of any company, such as transportation and lunch. In other words, there is an opportunity to save more.

Being a trader even increases your ability to make immediate but impactful decisions. In view of the fact that you have to choose between assets that will generate profits or losses on a daily basis.

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